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Keep Your Head in the Game!

Concussions are serious. You cannot turn on the tv or read the sports page of the local or national newspaper without seeing the challenges that professional athletes are facing with concussion injuries.

There are other athletes at serious risk.

Athletes that are right outside the doors of your practice.

Athletes that do not have large disability insurance policies. Athletes that are still developing the sensitive nervous system that will be the key to their health in the future.

Athletes playing hockey, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, equestian, figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and too many other sports to name!

Athletes that are the youth of your community - its' future leaders and its most precious resource.

What is a Baseline Concussion Screening? Why do it?

Concussion injuries are assessed and managed using a variety of neurological screening tests. The most common used worldwide is the SCAT2 test that has been endorsed for use in athletes at all levels, including the Olympics.

Unfortunately, for child and youth athletes the test results can be ambiguous at best. Testing balance, coordination, memory and concentration on young athletes with NO concussion injury generates a wide variety of response scores...so how can we know POST-INJURY what is the level of that child's development and what is due to brain injury?

We need a baseline score for every youth athlete and this program is designed to give it to you simply and easily!


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ONLY $247 CDN with taxes included and no shipping fees.
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Package Includes:

  • Introductory letter to the package
  • 4 page implementation guide
  • Checklist for preparation and implementation
  • Video tutorial demonstrating the SCAT2 concussion screening examination
  • Powerpoint presentation on concussion and screening value for local organizations, coaches, managers, parents and/or players
  • Forms and letters ready to customize with your clinic info, local organization details and your logo
  • Introduction letter for sport organizations
  • Parent Handout/Flyer
  • Press Release
  • Parent permission/history form
  • Examination form
  • Results report letter
  • Results report form
  • Back to play protocol handout
  • Guide to customizing the WORD docs



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